Do I need a piano for piano lessons

Do I need a piano for piano lessons? Read on for 2 recommendations of new guidelines

Do I need a piano for piano lessons?

Your child is showing interest in taking piano lessons but you don’t have a piano. You may find yourself wondering, “Do I need a piano for piano lessons?”

Do I need a piano for piano lessons?

Short Answer


Do I need a piano for piano lessons?

Long Answer

You don’t need the nicest, shiniest, grand piano to start lessons, but you will need something. Even if it’s simply regular (daily preferred) access to a piano. Maybe a neighbor or a grandma has a piano that you can practice on daily until you are in a position to get one of your own in your home.

Keep an eye on Facebook Marketplace or Craigslist in your area for possible deals on used pianos. It’s not uncommon for people to be selling a piano they never use, and you can often pick one up for a bargain!

Follow these guidelines when buying a used piano:

1. None of the keys stick and there is no obvious damage to the keys.

2. There isn’t a tin-like sound when you play.

3. Possibly have a tuner come and check it out for you.

There are many affordable digital options as well. Check out Costco during Christmastime, they often have a few digital pianos that will fit your needs and will take up less space and be a more affordable option than a full upright piano. My favorite budget-friendly digital piano is the Yamaha DGX line, such as this one from Kraft Music.  Additionally, you can often find these on Amazon for a good price, especially if they have an older model in stock.

Follow these guidelines when buying a digital piano:

1. The piano has all 88 keys and the keys are weighted. *

2. The piano has pedals.

3. The piano has a real piano sound (not a synthesizer sound).

4. The piano  has a stand to rest your music on. 

*A keyboard with fewer keys may be acceptable for a young beginner. PianoTels gives a great description on the option of using a smaller keyboard for online piano lessons. 

If you are ready for your child to learn more about the piano, sign them up for their first course at Piano Prep Academy today!

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