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online piano lessons ages 5 to 7

Early Beginner Online Piano Lessons
Ages 5 to 7

  • Online piano lessons
  • Printable Sheet Music
  • Printable Theory Pages
  • Easy to use piano chart
  • Access for a full year
online piano lessons ages 5 to 7

Welcome to Piano Prep Academy!

Piano Prep Fundamentals

Piano Prep Fundamentals are essential steps in learning how to play the piano.  At Piano Prep Academy, your child will be exposed to each of the Piano Prep Fundamentals in every lesson.  This continuing exposure results in students who are well-rounded in all the fundamentals as they progress through their online piano lessons.

Piano Prep Academy focuses on learning to read music by introducing sheet music in the very first lesson.  Students learn how to play the notes they see on the music.

Piano Prep Academy works on rhythm in every lesson, first when learning the new song and then secondly, by reviewing the rhythm while playing the song.  It is also reinforced with regular appearances in the theory worksheets.

These are taught through the use of theory sheets and technic exercises by using routine exposure to the note names week after week in each of the online piano lessons.

Worksheets are used in every lesson to help students learn the ins and outs of music as it relates to the music they are on.

At Piano Prep Academy, we recognize that fingering is one of the hardest aspects to correct later on in the piano education journey.  This is why it must be taught right from the beginning and why we make fingering a priority from day one by teaching the finger numbers.

The finger exercises we use in each lesson encourage proper form, rhythm, and habits.

Piano Prep Academy understands that students like to have fun.  When they enjoy the process of learning to play the piano, they are more likely to continue with lessons.

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